What you are permitted to do:

  • You may use the patterns you purchase to make the project as shown in the example.
  • You may change the bead colors, findings, etc., so the project suits your individual taste.
  • You can create the project from the instructions in the patterns as many times as you desire.
  • You can make it and donate it to charity auctions.
  • You may place the items you make into online auctions, sell at craft shows and from your own web site.
    We do ask that you name the designer of these pieces in the item's description when selling in an online environment. It is not the law that you do this. It is a request for the common courtesy of giving credit where credit is due. If you are selling projects made from our patterns, the designer may contact you and ask you to validate the purchase of a legal copy. This will be done by asking for information. The questions will pertain to the pattern, place of purchase, information that is included on the pattern pages, etc..
  • You may sell the project for pin money.
    Definition of Pin Money You, as in the person that has purchased the pattern, may make and sell the project that was completed using the pattern as a guide. You may not employ others to make or sell for you as this constitutes commercial use.
  • You may print off as many copies as you like from the original PDF that you purchased. Providing they are for your own personal use and not to make kits, sell, or share with others.

What you are not permitted to do:

  • You may not run off copies for the purpose of sharing, selling, kiting,or any other means of personal or commercial distribution.
    This is illegal reproduction and unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material and is in direct violation of our rights as the copyright holder. Violators may be prosecuted.
  • You may not teach a class using the patterns without direct permission from the designer of the pattern you intend to use.
    You had to purchase your copy of the pattern and your students should be required to do the same.
  • You may not download and save photos from this site.
  • These photos are copyrighted by the designer just like the patterns that they portray. We place photos on our site for the benefit and enjoyment of our visitors. When you purchase a pattern, you are always provided with a picture of the finished piece right on the pattern page.
  • You may not change up the pattern and then call it your own design.
    As the copyright holder we also own the rights to all derivative works made from these patterns. The 10% rule is a myth. If you have questions about the copyright law, please refer to the web site for the copyright office.


All patterns and jewelry photos are the property of Starr Design Studio. No reproduction of any kind will be permitted without the direct permission from me. The patterns are for personal use only. The purchase of the pattern in no way constitutes permission to commercially utilize it's contents in anyway. All rights are reserved by Starr Design Studio.