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Site membership is not required to shop my Studio, although there are many advantages to becoming a member.

PayPal Express Checkout
Sign into your site profile and take advantage of the express checkout. You will be immediately redirected after payment to the download page to retrieve your patterns. No waiting for the generated receipt. No signing back in to the delivery page. Just a smooth streamlined check out that is a pleasurable experience.

Wish List
Once you have signed in as a member, you will notice a new link in with each of my product listings. "Add to wish list". By clicking this link, it will add this product to your list of items you may want to purchase later.

To view what is on your list, click the view cart button and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Personal Profile
Once you are logged into the Studio as a site member, look to the same box where you found the sign in link. You will notice a new link in there to your member profile. You can adjust your own profile at any time without my assistance. What the Studio knows about you is your choice. The only time the Studio will have cause to use your phone number is if there is a problem with your order and I have been unable to contact you at your e-mail address that you provided during your purchase. The Studio will NEVER share any of your information with anyone for any reason. Please review my *Privacy Policy* for more detailed information.

On your profile page, you will see another link at the top of the page for your purchase history.

Purchase History
This page will contain everything you have purchased or downloaded through Starr Design Studio. It will also have listed each of the receipt numbers for those purchases. It will take that receipt number to get your download reactivated should you need it. Please refer to *Pattern Replacement* for more detailed information.

Back To The Subject List:

My store works very well with the PayPal checkout. You will have the choice to use PayPal standard or PayPal Express Checkout. Each of these will allow you to take advantage of site savings and all membership benefits. Each are equally secure ways to shop. There is only a few minor differences between them.
PayPal Standard:
Use this option if you do not have a PayPal account and do not wish to establish one. If you look closely at the page it takes you to there will be an area that will say " Make a one time payment". Of course it will allow you to use it more than once, so no worries.
PayPal Express:
This option streamlines the whole process. This option is for those that have an established PayPal account. If you are signed in as a member when you shop & use this option at check out, you will be immediately re-directed for your downloads when your payment is completed.
PayPal E-Check:
PayPal will allow you to shop using an E-Check rather than a debit or credit card. This is a wonderful option for those that do not have access to, or are uncomfortable using a card online. Be aware, there is a processing period of around 7 days for an e-check to clear. So you will have to wait this out before your patterns are released to you.
No Matter which PayPal option you choose, you can rest easy that your payment information is in good hands. PayPal handles your payment, not my Studio. PayPal protects us both. The payment methods used by my Studio are some of the most secure on the web. When you shop my Studio, your safety and satisfaction are my priorities. Should you have difficulties, don't be afraid to write me. I am always happy to help.
Google Checkout
If you prefer Google Checkout over PayPal, that's not a problem. Go through the store as usual adding the items to your cart that you would like to purchase. Once you are done shopping, choose the manual checkout method. After completing the order, click the "Contact Me" link in the upper menu bar. Include your name, reference or receipt number and the e-mail address you used during your shopping list. Make sure to note that you would like to be invoiced through Google and I will handle it ASAP. I'm at the computer daily from about 5am till 7pm Central time. Should your order be placed during the night, I will get to it first thing in the morning.

I have honestly tried add Google Checkout to my store, but it just won't comply with where it needs to go. Google wants to bypass my discounts part of the store. I want my Google shoppers to be able to take advantage of savings too, so until I can get this figured out, this is how it will have to work. You will still be able to digitally download your patterns and enjoy all the member benefits my store has to offer.

Mail In
You can mail in your payment for your pattern purchase if you prefer. I accept: Postal Money Orders, Western Union Money Orders & Cashiers Checks. No personal checks please. I'm truly sorry. I have had a couple of bounced checks in the past and have discontinued taking them. Despite the fact they didn't get the patterns as their check didn't clear, I got stuck with fees from my bank because of the bad check. To prevent having to impose fees on check processing, I just don't accept them.

If you would like to avoid the cost of the money order, I do accept cash. I am an honest internet business and will always make sure you receive what you have paid for. I have been in business under this same domain name for the last 5 years. I am PayPal verified and make myself very easy to find. You won't have to look far to find my phone number for a direct contact. Your call will REALLY be important to me. If I don't catch your call the first time, I will return your call as quickly as possible. I'm getting older and don't always hear my phone.

Back To The Subject List:

I do offer Print & Ship for patterns. I charge $0.50 per page print charge and flat rate shipping of $2.00. The shipping is for US residents only. Should you want your patterns shipped outside the continental US, actual shipping rates will be applied to your order.

To take advantage of my Print & Ship option, go through the store and add all the patterns to your cart that you wish to purchase. Choose the Manual Check out method. Send me a note through the "Contact Me" link in the upper menu bar and let me know that you would like your patterns to be printed and shipped to you. Also let me know what your preferred payment method will be. I will invoice you through Google, or PayPal with the adjusted total that will include the shipping and print charges.

All of my pattern listing shows the number of pages they include. You can add up your own total and shipping using this information so you will know what to expect on your invoice.

Your patterns will be shipped out within 72 hours of payment. Normally, much quicker. Orders will be sent out via regular first class mail unless you specify otherwise. I can ship them any way you want them, but the flate rate shipping only applies to first class. If you choose over night shipping, or priorty mail, you will pay the actual shipping charges and it will be reflected on your invoice.

Your patterns will be printed in color, on all purpose printer paper. They will be packaged in a large white envelope. Never folded! They will be protected from damage during shipping by 2 pieces of heavy card stock in front and behind. Your package will contain a detailed list of all patterns, charges for each, total print charges and the payment totals.

Even with this print and ship option, you are still entitled to the digital copy to download should you wish to have it.

You are still qualified for Pattern Replacement should you need it. Just drop me a line via the "Contact Me" link in the upper menu bar and let me know your name, receipt reference number, and e-mail address that you used during the transaction. I will invoice you for printing and shipping. I do not expect you to pay for the pattern more than once. Just one of the many wonderful benefits of shopping with my Studio.

Back To The Subject List:

I will never share any of your information with anyone for any reason! Any information stored at my Studio is safe and secure. The only ones that are able access it, is you & me. Do not share your passwords with anyone. You will know exactly what I know about you when you just log into your profile, or view your purchase history. My Studio does not process payments. I leave that to the heavily guarded payment gateways such as Google Checkout and PayPal. Never will I ask you for the log ins to either gateway. I will never ask you for any banking information. I have no need for this information. Keep yourself safe on line and never give it to anyone else either.

Back To The Subject List:

All shoppers at my Studio receive 2% cash back in the form of a credit that can be applied to any future purchase with my Studio. No gimmicks, no games. It's yours to be used on any item that my Studio carries when you want to use it.

Always use the same e-mail address for your purchases. This credit is based on that address. Should you need to change your e-mail address at the Studio, simply log into your member profile, or contact me and I will be happy to make that change for you.

Back To The Subject List:

Downloading your patterns and saving them to your computer is pretty easy once you know how. Computers may differ depending on the opperating software, but the steps will be basically the same.

  1. Create a folder on your desktop. (computer screen)
    Reduce (the little line button) or close (the little X button) all windows. You will be looking at just the computer screen. Now, right click your mouse button. Your cursor (little arrow) can be anywhere on your desktop that there is not an icon. (desktop short cuts) This will bring up a menu. Look for the word "New". Scroll down and left click on that word. This will bring up a sub-menu. Choose "Folder". It will ask you what you want to name your folder. Type in anything you like, it's your folder. :)
  2. Retrieving patterns from the receipt.

    While viewing your receipt that you received from the Studio, scroll all the way down to the bottom section. This is where you will find the clickable link to take you to the sign in page so you can retrieve your patterns. You will find your email that you used during your purchase and a generated password to use when you sign in.

    Click the link and then enter the information into the proper boxes. Click "Submit".

  3. Log in to your member profile for patterns.

    Go Look to the far right side of the page. Look to the "My Cart" box. In the top of that box, you will find the link to take you to the "Customer LogIn" page. Enter your email and password. You will be re-directed back to the catalog. Very little will change when you've logged in.

    You will see an added link in with each of my patterns for "Add to Wish List".

    If you look back to the box where you first clicked the link to log in, you will now see a link that says "Profile". Click it. This is the page that contains your information that the Studio knows about you.

    Look to the top of this page for a link that says: "Purchase History". Click it. Your latest purchase will be listed at the bottom. Your downloads will only be available for 2 days. After that, you will have to contact me to have them reactivated.

  4. Click the "Download" button on the delivery page.

    This will bring up a window. This window is the computer's prompt for you to tell it what to do. You will see the location that your last download was saved to, the name of the file, a button that says browse, a button that says save & a button that says cancel. Depending on the update status of your reader, it may contain fewer or more than what is listed.

    If your pop up blocker is set too high, this little window may not show up. It could be blocked. If you look to the top of your browser, you just might see a light yellow bar located just below the top section on your browser. That bar will tell you in one way or another that a pop up or a download was blocked. It should also have a link in there to click to view more information. If you open that area, it will give you the option to allow pop ups from my site, or to just temperarily allow pop up from my site. Either option will allow the download window to open for you so you can get your patterns. Just allow the pop ups for the Studio and then click the download button again.

  5. Browse for the location to save your patterns.
    Take a mental note of what it says in the location box. Make sure that is where you want to save your patterns. If it doesn't reflect the folder you want to save them in, click the "Browse" button. If you have created a folder on your desktop as per my previous instructions, you will be looking for "Desktop" in the drop down menu after clicking browse. Click on "Desktop" and it should then open up to allow you to choose the folder you created there. Click on the folder name, then click save to download the pattern.
  6. Save them to print as needed.

    In that same pop up window, you can also choose view. This will cause your Adobe reader to load and open the pattern file. From the Adobe reader, you can click the little printer icon to print the pattern, or you can still choose to save the file. I highly reccomend that you save a copy of the file to your computer. Paper copies can become damaged during use and saving it will insure you can print off another copy as needed.

    To save a copy of the pattern, look to the very top left hand side of the Adobe reader. Look for the text ink that says "File". Click there. This will open a drop down menu. Choose "Save As". At this time, you can change the name of the file if you care to. You will also be able to browse for a location to save the file to.

  7. Printing your patterns.

    I am assuming that you created a folder on your desktop as per my instructions. Go there now. Look for the pattern that you want to print. Go to the name of the pattern. Double click the name of the pattern. This will activate your reader and open the pattern. Sometimes it might take a second or two to open. Just be patient. If you keep clicking, the computer has got to take the time to process every click you make and it will take even longer for it to open.

    Once the file is open and you are looking at the pattern, look just above in the reader's tool bar. You will see a little printer icon. Click it. This will cause your windows printer to activate. You can then choose what pages you want to print, or print the whole thing.

Back To The Subject List:

Using your Discount Codes or Virtual Cash couldn't be easier. Just add your items to your cart and click on "Check Out". You will find the boxes for the codes and virutal cash on that page. Make sure to enter the discount code exactly as given. It is most deffinately case sensitive. Make sure there are no extra spaces in there. Click apply. Your discount will be reflected in your shopping cart with your items.

Should an internet hiccup occure and the discount is not reflected in your cart, just refresh the page. That normally does the trick. Continue with checkout as usal.

Should you still have problems, contact me. I will help you.

Back To The Subject List:

Getting help at my Studio couldn't be easier. Look to the top menu bar just below my header. There is a link to "Contact Me". Just send me a message there. The response time is normally very short. I respond to all messages. If your message was sent at night, you will hear from me the next morning. If you have written and don't get a response, please check your spam folder. My response may have been sent there. You can reach me by phone or text at (918) 271-9610. Direct e-mail contact is: Make sure to add me to your address book so you will get my replies to your inbox.

No worries, I don't spam. If you don't want my occassional newsletter or coupon, just say so. Opting out of newsletters and special offers will have no effect on your ability to receive your receipts to retrieve downloads.

I really am always happy to help. I will answer any questions you may have if I can. If I can't, I will help you find the answer. Your question does not have to apply to just my patterns or my online store. I have even been known to answer questions pertaining to other peoples patterns too. :)

I am just a bit of a Geek too, so technical & computer questions will get answers as well.

The only stupid question is the one that doesn't get asked. I'm here to help.

Back To The Subject List:

I do not give refunds on digital or printed patterns. Should you need assitance downloading your patterns, I am more than happy to help.

If you shop with me and discover that you have made a duplicate purchase, contact me. That is one of the few times I will make a refund. The records of that purchase must be documented with If you have a date of purchase or receipt, it will help me find the documentation in my records.

I will always do my best to be sure you are satisified with your shopping experience with my Studio. Should you have difficulties, or questions, contact me. The way you feel really is important to me. You will always be treated with common courtesy and respect. I pride myself on fantastic customer service and will do what it takes to correct any issues you may have.

Back To The Subject List:

Any time you shop with my Studio, your purchase history is your garuntee that you will always have the patterns that you purchased. My website will store your complete purchase history. Should something happen and you loose your digital copies, contact me. I can reactivate those downloads.

I don't expect you to have to pay for the same pattern twice. It doesn't take me but a few minutes to go in and set those back up for you. So rest easy when shopping with my Studio. Your patterns are safe on my server and will be there should you need access to them again.

I do not charge for this service. It's just another one of those fantastic benefits of being a Studio shopper.

Back To The Subject List:

Oh yes! You most deffinately have my permission to sell what you make. If you want any tips or pointers on how to move that jewelry, just shoot me an e-mail! I have sold my jewelry for years and have made good money at it. My designs were so popular with people that I finally got into selling the patterns for what I make.

My patterns are for personal use. If you employ others to help you make the jewelry to sell from my patterns, that would move into commercial use and is in violation of the terms of purchase.

If you sell in an online venue such as Ebay or Etsy, I would really appreciate honorable mention or a link back to my Studio so others will know how to get the pattern. When I surf the web and find someone selling jewelry made from my patterns and they mention me or my Studio, I let them know I was there and issue a special coupon for a return visit.

We are all artisians. Common courtesy goes a long way.

Back To The Subject List:

I take copyright infringement very seriously. All graphics, jewelry photos & patterns are protected by copyright. Intellectual and otherwise. Please don't steal from my family. I wouldn't steal from yours.

If you copy my patterns to give to your friends, you have robbed me for the payments I would have received for my work. Yes, I said work! I am not rich and probably will never be. If you stop and think about it, how many $5.00 patterns would I have to sell before I would be rich? It's not gonna happen. Just not enough beaders in the world.

It takes me many hours to test a piece and put together the instructions that you purchase to guide you in making the same piece. You had to buy your copy and your friends, family or students should have to do the same.

Starr Design Studio is not a big company. It's just me. Marie Starr. I am a very generous and caring person. Please treat me right.

Back To The Subject List: