Poinsettia - Brick Stitch Beaded Earring Pattern
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These beautiful Poinsettias are just as pretty as the real thing (Except for these are just right for your ears) The centers have 4mm topaz crystals so they have just the right amount of Christmas flash. They are not near as complicated as you may think. They are all Brick Stitch with a couple of extra steps thrown in. I have covered the extra steps in detail in both grapics and print. There is a large color graph to follow, a suggested color list and a picture of the finished earrings.

Approximate Finished size:
1 1/4 inches x 1 1/2 inches
Supplies Used:
14/0 Seed Beads
Brick Stitch
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:

Price: $8.00 $6.40


Beautiful poinsettia earrings to be made for the holidays. Don't let that stop you from taking this in other directions!

Could you just imagine all the craft idea potential here?

What about decorating a small wreath!

What about putting them on a hair band or hair tie!

What about using them to embellish a small bracelet!

A must have for your design directory.

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