Mulberry Mist Bracelet
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If you were looking for a challenge for your beading skills, you have most definitely found it! This pattern will have you beading in every direction while working around all the little cut outs.

Each of the smaller holes are the perfect size to mount a 4mm crystal. The center hole should hold a 15mm by 20 or 22mm low profile cabochon if you create a solid backing to match the size of the gold in the center of the bracelet.


The shorter length in this beautiful bracelet makes it the perfect candidate for a beaded clasp.

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • A full page graph
  • Split graph, blown up for an easy read
  • Photo of the finished piece
Approximate Finished size:
1" wide by 6 1/2" long
Supplies Used:
4 colors of Delica 11/0
Brick Stitch
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:

Price: $8.00


Mulberry Mist Bracelet Pattern: Filigree Beading

This bracelet is a very advanced beading pattern. The filigree work will prove to be a challenge. One worth taking on for sure.

I suggest becoming very familiar with the double row start technique covered in my e-book, "The ABC's of Brick Stitch

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