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1. Eagle Feather Earrings
2. Desert Dawn
3. Indian Head Dress Earrings
4. Dream Feather
5. Carmaeletta - Brick Stitch - Cuff
6. Seeds N Crystals 3
7. End Of The Trail
8. Hawk Feather 1
9. Daisies and Diamonds Cuff
10. Sun n Feathers

Handmade Jewelry For Fun and Profit

Handmade Jewelry For Fun and Profit

Direct Download!

Who says you can't have fun while making a profit at creating and selling your jewelry. I've done it for years. This book tells you how I did it and what I learned along the way.

I have seen people ask time and time again, "How do I price my pieces?", "Where is the best places to sell?", "What should I consider when selling on consignment?". In this book, I have explained in detail exactly what to do and when. Right down to how to talk to your customers.


In this informational book, find out how to:
  • Build your stock & Decide what to carry
  • Prepare to sell your work
  • Price what you have made
  • Find and approach your potential buyers
  • Close that deal
Pages to Print:

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1 Reviews

Customer Reviews
5 by Pat Tipton

This is the greatest help book Ive ever read. May be small but its packed full of helpful info. Its helped me alot.

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